The Healing Light Course

Explore how to use Light and Frequency to uncover and balance aspects of yourself. Everyone can live a healthy life by learning this simple technique of acupuncture healing.

The healing light level 1 course is designed for everyone. Whether you are coming from any industry, you need health and wellbeing to live happily. The healing light simpify the healing method into life hacks course, which allow anyone to utilized affordable technology and crystals to self heal. You will learn about basic energy body structures, simple meditation for stress relief and the healing diet you can choose to work on. We will transmitting the healing light level 2 courses to healers. These techniques were once kept secret by powerful healers are nowexpose to the public. The healing light courses exposes the growing database of scientific evidence proving that healing energy therapy can be more effective and more economical than most conventional treatments.

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When you manage your own personal energy, you manage your reality.
~Lemurian Facilitator

You will learn a few set of skills that can easily apply to daily life to experience a new level of wellness.

  • Speed Healing for non-chronic Disease

  • What is energy body?

  • Biophoton Light

  • Theraphy Proceedures

  • How to use Light Acupuncture?

  • How to maintain wellness when you are stuck in the dillema of "not enough time?"

  • Energy Hygene

Total Wellbeing to Humanity

People today are either entangled with liability of family, social obligation and many thinks they do not have enough even to survive. They are deteriorated in the wealth and health. It reflects not only on average life span of the citizen, but also study shows wellbeing of human is the major issue.  We design protocol to help general citizen to save energy and to help them focus in what is matter. Today, academy study shows most of the psychology and emotional problem are related to our body meridians. Lemuria Center found ways to dissolve energy blockage to body meridians. Healthy meridian system will easily result in higher performance of our state of being. We've done it to a few, now it's time to do it to the public.

Knowledge and Human Power Are Synonymous.
~Francis Bacon

And why do you want to take the course?


Scientific + Effective

Light Acupuncture generate healthy bio-quantum fields carrying precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian points and aura fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states. Under this harmonic field the cell distinguish clearly between toxin and nutrition.


Achieving Total Wellness

In the end, you will build your immune system reach a point it's impossible for your body to get disease. That's not all, your mental state and emotional state will also be at it's optimal performance for creativity, mental clarity, lightened emotion and heightened intuition after you practice it for a period of time.

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Expand Consciousness

Expand your consciousness happens when your aura is fixed and free off energetic contamination. Generally people feel lighter, peaceful and happiness is the natural state. This is one of the state you could achieve when you work on the journey.