About Us

“ We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, YET we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers “ - Martin Luther King

LEMURIA LIGHT is a registered brand trademark of Starfield Wellness Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia). We are a dedicated group of professionals and volunteers who desire to make a difference in bringing peace, wellness and change to our world. Everything we do, we do from our hearts to reach yours.

We are lightworkers, active in

  • Healing individuals.  Just as the forest is green only when the trees in the forest are green ; the world can heal only when individuals are healthy, well-balanced, and happy.

  • Healing the world. We promote collective consciousness – for the protection of our planet, for peace and love, to participate in mass meditations and activating our earth’s light-grids around the world to STOP WARS.  

We will do what it takes ! 


Our Intention - A Legacy of Love

To mitigate further damage to our planet, there has to be a critical mass (enough of us) who transmit to the whole universe the energies of compassion, peace and unconditional love. We are all interconnected beings,  the flow of grace will disseminate to all other beings.  We will bring heaven down to earth - achieving ONENESS in our society.

Lemuria Light nurtures unconditional love in all we do -  in our relationships, our culture, activities, product choices, and our legacy.

5 Pillars of Light

Lemurian essence are about Truth, Love, Wisdom, Balance, and Beauty.

These are five pillars of light that every Lemurian lightworkers will uphold. You will experience these five elements entwined into our products, activities and our colourful culture.


Story of Lemuria

The Lost Continent Of Lemuria

Lemuria is the lost land, the first continent of the Pacific from ancient times, when other cultures such as Atlantis were also thriving on Earth at that time.

Lemuria is the paradise of the East - the intoxicating, mystical land of magic. It is also known as Land of Mu.  The first to step foot there are the extra-terrestrial galactic star beings. These are beings of pure love and light, the ascended masters of this universe. They carry with them a unique, cosmic signature, and the same spiritual mission as that of our living Earth Mother.

The Lemurians are the protectors of Earth Mother’s land. They are the indigenous people who are the mystics, healers and the first humans. They are kind, generous, peaceful and loving. Vibrating at the highest frequency, the Lemurians control the forces of five elements; walking on water, standing on fire, transporting themselves through air at any time. Capable of shifting the atomic structures in the environment, the Lemurians are the magical star beings hybrids who have no limit. They are the sincere devotees of the Divine and her creations.

The Lemurians built their spiritual kingdom on Earth Mother. They sustained peace and harmony on all levels. Everyone was cared for, and all were provided for to live a peaceful and happy life, one that is perfect and in divine order.