About Us

Lemuria Light is a brand trademarks by one of the Malaysia healing center Starfield Wellness Sdn. Bhd. from Malaysia. We are indigenous group of professionals and volunteers got together and decided to change the world. We treat our work spiritually and make sure the service is coming from our heart and reaching yours.


Our Intention - A Legacy of Love

Lemuria Light design all practice of yoga and ancient wisdom into courses, simplifies it, so that total wellness is easy to achieve and integrate into our daily life. Our intention is to raise society conscious level and help everyone to achieve a total wellness. With enough individual realised how to maintain a healthy state of wellbeing, we will bring heaven down to earth - achieving oneness in our society.

We were blessed with many support and love from family, friends and the universe. We are loved. And our mission is to share this legacy of love to everyone.

5 Pillars of Light

Lemurian essence are about Truth, Wisdom, Balance, Beauty and Divine Grace. This is the five pillars of light that each of our lightworkers hold dear to. You will find this five element entwine our products and our colorful cultures.

State of mind is our main parameter for hiring. We calling out to all people who has burning desire to change the world to connect to us. Join our social movement today.



Company Vision

This is not a bed time story. Behind, there is a burning desire with a sense of mission for