Cellular Memory NLP

The following service are available only in our center. With an advance ET technology, Lemuria Light Center will be able to accurately scan your inner cell memory you carries. Each cell in our body complex carries memories from the pass experience, which is comprise of energy vibration of all kind: Mental, Emotional, EMF and Spiritual. As many of us are socially conditioned in a pattern that old energy has difficulties to be released. It build up overtime and clustered into belief system that is rigid and here is where the stubborness and confusion personalities complex become apparent.

Lemuria Light Cellular Memory NLP will help people see what is inside which they are carrying in the cell memory and help people release it.

Cellular Memory Scanning

Average human cell carries energy information which they are unaware of. We use technology to scan and illustrate the memory, in order for the patient to be released from the pass memory influences.

Reprogram The Cell

Lemuria Light Center uses NLP to facilitate reprogramming of the cellular memories to balance. NLP doensn't change your personality, but it will help you pick up information in a much accelerated way. 


Mind has great effect over our life experience. Within us, we experience all good and bad. True reprogram of the cells will directly improve our performance in handling life, with a better intuition in tuned.