Cellular Memory NLP

With advance technologies, Lemuria Light Center will be able to accurately map your inner cell memory that you carries. Each cell in our body carries complex memories incubated from the pass experience. These cell memories are comprise of energy of all specturm: Mental, Emotional, EMF(Plasmatic) and Spiritual. As many of us are socially conditioned in a pattern that obsolete energy has difficulties to be released. It build up overtime and clustered into belief system that is rigid and stubborn. This negative behaviour pattern is the reason why people become stuck in life, and mistake gets repeat.

The Lemuria Cellular Memory NLP will scan our cell memory into digital tablet to as a Psycho-spiritual Report. With the program of CM-NLP, you can easily release the negative thought pattern from the Cellular Memory in 21 days.


Cellular Memory Scanning

Average human carries negative believe system which they are unaware of causing them to store certain toxin in the cellular level that can be detected using advance technology. With the toxin pattern in the body, the technology can map the probable belief system and mental thought pattern of a person. This created a technology that can scan and illustrate the memory to help the patient to be released negative belief.


Psycho Spiritual Integration

Lemuria Light Center uses advance NLP system called PSI (Psycho-spiritual Integration) to facilitate reprogramming of the cellular memories to balance. Trauma release is instant and simple. 

In Lemuria Light, this practice comprise of 21 days of healing program, comprise of special exercises and the use of Homeopathy remedy support.

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Trauma Release

After traumatic thought pattern is released from the body, benefits can summarised:

  • release of negative emotion and anger

  • healthier relationship with people

  • reduction of fearful reaction

  • increase performance

  • increase studying speed