Lightworker Initiation Retreat

Lightworker Initiation Retreat is a course design specially for the lightworkers. The purpose is to heal and initiate lightworkers to follow his/her path to ascension and to gain defiance against social negativity. We have design a course to help all starseeds and lightworkers to gain life clarity from their inner guidance through the workshop. It's a life changing event to many as they develop self mastery for the earth mission. Not only lightworkers will learn how and where to connect to nature for healing, but also learn ways to self modulate and create positive energetic ecomomy in the city settings. Finally, you will learn how to master abundance on this lightworkers path.

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Who are The Lightworkers?

Lightworkers are people who decided to bring changes to the world. Mother Earth is at the time needed support from society. You can see many old paradigm is collapsing. We need to come together as lightworkers to help mother earth in transitions. As we learn from history classes, society we know in our human history are compose of a series of conflict, which still presence in every corners of today's world.

True lightworkers is lightworkers who has mastered the art of manifestation, someone who can work coherently with other without getting pull into cycle of downward spirals. Master level lightworks not only manifest abundance for self, but also to the collective. Because healing the collective is our ultimate goal and also why we come here for, our soul purpose.



To be able to master the lightworkers path, meditation is a prerequisites. Lemuria Light will facilitate an environment to help lightworkers to get in touch with the I am presence, a state beyond duality. Not everyone can achieve this state. But getting close to this state means healing ourself from the illusion that we are separate from one another. This alone is the most powerful healing one can attain in this world, and you are your own master.


Full Consciousness Healing

One of Lemuria Light strength is our tachyon multidimensional healing, that is made available for lightworkers at year 2016. We have train psychic, lightworkers and special need personale through this program, all working for the same cause - Mother Earth Ascension. We will help Lightworkers breakthrough the illusion of Karma, and breaking the bond of the negative cycle pattern in thier lives.


Plenetary Situation

In LIR we will educate lightworkers why the world operate in a certain way. What is behind all the physical manifestation. This are essential informations for lightworkers to remember about his/her mission.


Ascended Masters and Stellar Rays

Learn how to build a relationship with Ascended Master to speed up personal and planetary ascension. Stellar Rays are the star codes that can utilized to shift realities. and many of the starseed has our star origin acting as a code to help remembers our stellar selves.


Nature and Earth Grid

Learn to harness energy from the nature. Other than meditation, there are many ways we can harness energy from the wild. Learn about the mystery of the earth grid, and how we can heal mother earth and ourselves upon it.


UFO Sigthing & Bornfire

Light ship may appear during the summer night sky. Otherwise it would become our bbq session. This is one of the most exiting endeavor we lightworkers can come together and recall.


"I AM’ Master of my world. ‘I AM’ the Victorious, Intelligence governing it. I send forth into my world this Mighty, Radiant, Intelligent Energy of God. I command It to create all Perfection."

~ St. Germain, The "I am" discourses