Lightworks (Science & Discoveries)

Lightworker Initiation Retreat is a course design specially for the lightworkers. The purpose is to heal and initiate lightworkers to follow his/her path to ascension and to gain defiance against social negativity. We have design a course to help all starseeds and lightworkers to gain life clarity from their inner guidance through the workshop. It's a life changing event to many as they develop self-mastery for the earth mission. Not only lightworkers will learn how and where to connect to nature for healing, but also learn ways to self modulate and create positive lifestyle in the city settings. Finally, you will learn how to master abundance on this lightworkers path.


Who are The Lightworkers?

Lightworkers are people who decided to do what it takes to change the world for the better. Mother Earth is at the time needed support from society. You can see many old paradigm is collapsing. We need to come together as lightworkers to help mother earth in transitions. As we learn from history classes, society we know we are living in a conflicted society since “known” history. And it’s essential for us to be brief by the awaken one of - what in the hell wrong with this world - Fully.

The truth is humanity have been traumatised and programmed since we enter this world, both energetically and physically. Our thought and feeling has been constantly altered by advance technology so we are easier to control in building the system for the minority. To break away from the system, one need to work internally.


Tachyon Light & Healing

In Lemuria Light, we use advance technology given by benevolent extraterrestrial civilization to help participant to clear energy blocks.

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Crystals & Healing Properties

One of the most powerful tool a lightworkers can learn how to use is to learn to use crystal energy. We provide a brief course about crystals in the retreat.


Group Meditation

Group meditation is one of the most powerful phenomenal that shapes reality. Facilitating powerful experiences of group meditation is one of our specialties.

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The Great Nature

In nature, human has the tendency to deprogram from all the mess we learn in the city. Retreat includes born fire at the beach side or jungle to help lightworkers to remember the first golden age.

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Connect to The Universe

If we want to transmute the darkness, we need to learn to connect to the light force around you, as well as inside of you. That way you will stay guided and centered.

Time, Space & Dimensions

Little did we know about hyperdimensional knowledge even if we graduated from world wide reowned college and university. Seminaries has reopen to live the light.

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Light Breathing Techniques

In anyway we are operating in this world, we are constantly bombarded by negativities of all kind: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, EMF and Physical pollution. This technique allows one to clear the pollutions.


Karmic Clearing & Entity Removal

We accumulate karmic blockage and it stored in our subconsious forming addiction and short-sighted in our thinking. All participant exercise this clearing.


Human Reality + Energy Bodies

Human body is a wonderful system that is capable of doing wondrous things. If we are capable of understand our energy body, we know the source of every manifestation embedded behind physical ailments.