Light Acupuncture

Human body is an amazing vehicle when we are in our natural states. Our body metabolic function naturally help body to detox toxin, renew new parts and letting the old part carries away the toxin. It function 24hr naturally. What happen to our body when it's overwhelmed by stress, toxin and viruses?

Our body need help when that happens. Normally people use medicine to fight the disease. But a better way to work things out is just to bring body back to balance merely activating the meridians point that has been shut down by the toxin.

Unlike the working of other acupuncture, light acupuncture works wonders without touching your body. Lemuria Light Acupuncture is a special light device generate a harmonic frequency to bring the organs back to normal. When the bio-photon is applied to the body, they respond immediately on the cellular level and activates the acupuncture point. This promote the healing process by detoxing what is stucked in the energetic body. 

Even without apply accurately to the acupoint, activated blood stream will carry the healthy cellular signal to the organs around which we can observe the effect: improving metabolic rate, help to detox, improving lymphatic circulation and capillary, and many more. The obvious reason for us to promote this easy to use this light acupuncture device than the needles itself. Today, Lemuria Light has made light acupuncture available to everyone.

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When the light area generated from Light Acupuncture is applies to the acupuncture point, it basically works as one. Here are some of the studies have proven that acupuncture is proven effective for:

·      post-traumatic stress disorder

·      Beauty

·      Promoting sleep

·      fibromyalgia

·      chronic low back pain

·      protecting cell from all kinds of emf energy

·      knee arthritis

·      balance hormone

·      inflammations

The Healing Frequency

The technology is designed with quantum physic and sacred geometry knowledge to produce a harmonic quantum field. Resonance chamber in front of the Light Acupuncture pen is a high end technology marry the knowledges decodes from the crop circles and together with quantum science. The light inside the chamber achieved a certain resonance that turn the normal photon into to achieve a harmonic nodes that represent healthy body energy. We simply call this energy bio-photon.


Cellular Signal Recovery

Lemuria Light products emmits healthy bio-quantum fields carrying precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian points and aura fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states. 


Full Recovery with Health Diet

Once the energy body fixed, most of the people feel different on their refreshed mental emotional states. The cellular memory and signals would then recover to the healthy state, where the intake of healthy food is come into subsequent priority. We combine Basic knowledge of healthy diet need to be integrated for the best result.