Light Acupuncture

Without puncturing a hole in your body, today, you can get your acupuncture meridian activated to trigger the healing chain effect in the body with the cutting edge Light Acupuncture Device published exclusively by Lemuria Light.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture prevent and cure specific diseases and conditions by sticking very fine, solid needles into points of the body. Even for the original acupuncture, the one that use the needles, already generated many success story. It proves the usefulness of ancient knowledge of meridian pathway.

Unlike the working of Traditional acupuncture, light acupuncture activates your acupuncture point without touching your body. It is a special cutting edge device generate a harmonic frequency at resonance chamber locate at the tip of the wand. When the bio-photon is applied to the body, they interact immediately on the cellular level and activates the acupuncture point. As the effective distance goes up to 20cm, it can be use to activate a huge area of the body meridian. Which will bring the effectiveness to a whole new level. The light in the reaction chamber will be converted into bio-photon that carries healthy harmonic frequency. This frequency will harmonize the stressful cellular actives and also help the cell to detox.

When you apply to the body, the healthy bio-photon will send to the organs to generate a healing chain effect. Generally it improves metabolic rate, help to detox, improving lymphatic circulation and capillary, and many more. The obvious reason for us to promote this easy to use this light acupuncture device than the needles itself. Today, Lemuria Light has made light acupuncture available to everyone as a wellness tool.

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Combining with proper healing technique, such as Prana Healing. It can repair not only the cellular damages but also the informational aura field. Here are some of the studies have proven that light acupuncture is proven effective for:

·      post-traumatic stress disorder

·      Beauty

·      Promoting sleep

·      fibromyalgia

·      Muscle Pain

·      chronic low back pain

·      protecting cell from all kinds of emf energy

·      knee arthritis

·      balance hormone

·      inflammations

·      Sleeping Disorder

The Healing Frequency

The technology is a marriage between quantum physic and sacred geometry knowledge working together to generate a harmornic resonance field. Reaction chamber in front of the Light Acupuncture converts light into bio-photon that can directly influence the human auric field. The knowledge has much relationship with the crop circles found in Europe, as they are advance science given to humanity through unknown source. To let the light inside the reaction chamber achieved a certain harmonic resonance, Lemuria Light utilizing Tachyon Oscillators in fibonacci ration to compose the Light Acupuncture. As the result, the energy produce in front of the Light Acupuncture simply known as bio-photon, a.k.a prana or Qi.


Cellular Signal Recovery

Light Acupuncture generate healthy bio-quantum fields carrying precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian points and aura fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states. Under this harmonic field the cell distinguish clearly between toxin and nutrition.


Full Recovery with Health Diet

Once the energy body fixed, most of the people feel different on their refreshed mental emotional states. The cellular memory and signals would then recover to the healthy state, where the intake of healthy food is come into subsequent priority. We combine Basic knowledge of healthy diet need to be integrated for the best result.