Quantum Healing Technology



The Living Light


“Everything is Light” - Nikola Tesla

Quantum physics has discovered that :

  • Everything in the universe can be explained by electromagnetic energy, vibration or light ! That physical atoms are vortices of energy spinning and vibrating, each at its unique energy frequency. At very close look, an atom has no physical structure - it is a vibration ! It is energy, light !

  • Thus humans are beings of energy and vibrations – we are light ! Amazingly, our minds and intentions can, and do, influence the physical reality around us , that is to say “the observer creates the reality” ~Quantum Physics. 

Imagine what miracles are possible, when humans begin our exploration into light !



Dedicated to Healing Humanity & Collective Consciousness

Physicality is such a small spectrum of our entire reality. Many seek transcendence beyond the physical and the ego. Transcendence is a process where matters vibrate at high enough frequency to become light.

We can become light. Because we are.


Information Center

We give talks, we share materials, we blog to channel relevant quality materials to our communities, on healing and total wellness.

  • Light energy & healing

  • Natural healthy lifestyles

  • Science and ancient wisdom discoveries

Lemuria also participates in radio talk shows, seminars and conventions, on topics relating to our works.


Light Healing

Light manifests from physical quantum energy. Surrounding everyone is a vast limitless zero point coherent energy. Applying the energy is a key to speed up the healing of collective and personal ascension.

Lemuria offers solutions for :

  • Healing the individuals – We work with biophoton energy and aura fields to bring health to the physical body, emotions and the mind. Healthy individuals, healthy families – that is our aim.

  • Healing the world – We drive ‘collective consciousness’ projects to help transform today’s egocentric society to one of lasting peace and unity.


Connecting Light

Many new age lightwork communities have sprouted around the worl, striving to build a world of mutual respect, valuing cultural diversity, oneness, global peace and unity.

We intend to speed up the condensing of the light bubble by:

  • Live sustainable lifestyles   

  • Meditate and through the power of mass meditation to mitigate threats and disasters in our planet (Planetary situations)

  • Interstellar Visions  The human race must come together as ONE to truly move our civilization forward.

  • Synergize with other lightwork communities on support, cultural events, networking and fun time.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward – for there you have been, and there you will long to return.  ” – Leonardo da Vinci



Cells in our bodies are continuously absorbing and emitting light (each cell emits 100,000 photons per second). 

Biophotons are information carriers (codes) that specify the biochemical reactions and functions in cells and organs. Healthy cells emit coherent light which are capable of absorbing and carrying large bundles of information. Unhealthy cells emit incoherent, chaotic lights where the information (c0des) has been corrupted. The faulty information causes disorder (disturbances) in cell activities, which in turn causes illness.

1. Use external Biophotons to identify the cause (‘disturbance’) in the body’s meridian system.
2. Biophotons then neutralizes the incoherent lights (disturbance) in sick cells, thus correcting the faulty information, and treating the disturbance. 
3. Energy body
regains  balance and full flow. The natural self-healing mechanism of the physical body is re-enabled.    

What We Do

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