Energy Healing

Lemuria Light is inspired by the vision to heal the earth from abnormalities, which it manifest in wide spread disease, mental illness of all kind, poverty to negativity of all kind. The key is to help population to realized it's both manifest from within, and also we are affected by the mass consciousness, so we can be aware of it and handle it throughly.


Free Remote Healing

Lemuria Light's free remote healing is empowered by the Starlight Reiki, Tachyon Remote Healing Technology, Light Mandalas Technology as well as Lemuria Light Crystal technology. Transmitted by lightworkers, professional and non-professional personale (as support team) from lightworkers group who are co-working seemlessly from:, The Earth's Plan, Prepare for Change Malaysia, Prepare for change international, ect...

We are giving this free remote healing to:
-Lightworkers who are dedicating themselves to earthworks and lightworks.
-Crystal Grid Work Lightworkers.
-Emergencies case in our examinations.

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Quantum Technology Healing (Malaysia, Sungai Buloh Center)

Lemuria Light provide professional facilitates quantum healing which yield very high full recovery rate across the countries. All of the practitioner are highly trained and selected, which we vision Lemuria Light to become the way shower of the cutting edge quantum light healing.

Lemuria Light our wellness program are effective even there are cases people recover from the chronic disease just by practicing wellness protocol. We combine quantum science and special diet to facilitate a total wellbeing.


Starlight Reiki Healing (Malaysia, Sungai Buloh Center)

Starlight Reiki is a powerful metaphysic healing that prove to be effective against non-chronic disease. Reiki unlike many modern day remedies works directly on restoring the balance on all levels and works directly on the problem and condition instead of just masking or relieving symptoms.

We can show you a bunch of before and after picture to proves the efficiency. Here is a few thing our Reiki Master can do:
-Modification of The Energy Body
-Remote Healing
-Information Field Reading